A brand new concept for packaging

The application of this revolutionary lid opening system is many in a conventional sense,
it's not only ideal for containers of small items, such as, mint tablets and M&M chocolate
candies but perfect for cosmetic products, such as, compact, vanity case and make up

sampler. It's also just right for compact discs, computer mini discs, metal tapes, jewelry,

and small stationary goods or household and electric appliance items. Furthermore, when

it is applied to caps, the effect is like A Magic. With one small push by a fingertip, the

lid of cap will snap open. That is why it is great for bottle containers, such as, salt and

pepper. It's great for tube containers of paste substance, such as, toothpaste and mustard,

and for pouch containers.

And we can go on and on.

Why revolutionary ?

It's revolutionary because it requires no assembly for hinge. No screws nor pins. Simply
no parts to be assembled. A single mold does it all. That is what makes this system so

magical and revolutionary. And since it requires no assembly, the costs for manufacturing

are substantially reduced. That is magical to just as the lid snaps open with one little push

of a fingertip while the container is held in the same hand. This Lid opening System proved

just Universal Design conception. So try and see how it easy it is.
Lids can be Opened with only
OnePush or only One Pinch !!