We at HYPER-CAP Inc. strive to research and develop, in order to
achieve Systems that are standardized, simpler, gentler, easier, safer and lower cost.
The LID OPENING SYSTEM = HYPER-CAP System are a natural extension of such
With just One Mold, One can manufacture various containers and caps that can
be Opened with a One-Push of finger, using Only One-hand. Unlike prior containers
and caps that employed the same One-Push Open cap and required a multitude of
accessories, parts, processing, and high costs, our system requires none of these
The HYPER-CAP System requires only 3 types of basic machinery.
Therefore, the machinery is Standard and Simple, allowing adaptation to all sorts
of circumstances as needed.
Of course, the machinery can be utilized for Universal Designs and if the parts are
used interchangeably, the applications for its use can be greatly expanded.
One can freely develop the design of the machinery to one's own needs depending
on how one wants to use the machinery.
We are currently accepting offers to enter into a license-agreement, manufacturing
according to customer needs or joint venture partnership for the HYPER-CAP System.
We hope to be able to work with you in this new development of our System.
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